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This month at CRYSTAL FANTASY:



Join us for Spiritual Sampler Weekend,
Crystal Fantasy's popular Free Psychic Fair!!

Saturdays 12pm-6pm (sometimes later)
Sundays 12pm-6pm
Every weekend this month!
Sample gifted local readers, healers, more!
Love donations appreciated
 .For more information click here

OUr group of gifted readers:
Patrick Harrington - 3rd Generation Psychic Medium
Earl Nissen - Cert. Angel Card, Reiki Master (English, Spanish)
* Ronda MacNeil - Life Path, Animal Spirit Cards, Numerology

* Rev Harriet Guttman - Tarot  and Angel Cards
* Patricia Smith - Numerology, Tarot, Oracles, Runes, Healer
Donna Sacks - Channeler, Angels & Guides, Akashic Records
Holly Rae - Crystal and Energy Healer, Reiki Master
Miguel Criado - Spanish Tarot Deck Reader (English, Spanish)
Harry Berman - Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master
Mario Donato -
Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry (English, Spanish)
Brian Sutcliffe - Shamanic Reading and Healing
Lady Shayla - Goddess Oracle Reader
Gitte Europa - Crystal & Energy Healer, Reiki Master (Eng, German)
Lord Lugh - Magick Tarot (English, French, Spanish)
Adrian Lynn - Quantum Healer

* Valkyrie Houston - Lemurian Crystal Healing Bed
(slight fee to experience the Lemurian Crystal Healing Bed)

* Palm Springs Body Mind and Spirit Network Members

Every Thursday
7pm-10pm June - September
6pm-10pm October - May

Villagefest in downtown Palm Springs

Come meet Patrick Harrington, 3rd Generation Psychic Medium and Gitte Europa or Holly Rae, Crystal Healers for consultations. Plus
 meet Dirk Yates, David Hardy, Russ Bertlow and other artists in our Gallery, and Artist Miguel Criado on the patio. 
Saturday January 3rd 11:30am

MAPP with Lanny Swerdlow
Medical Marijuana group with speakers and Q & A
  Saturday January 31st

Reiki 1 & 2 with Reiki Masters Gitte Europa and Holly Rae
Includes certificate
$150 in advance / $200 day of session
  Saturday Janaury 3rd 4pm-6pm

Hands on Wicca with Lord Lugh
1st and 3rd Saturday at 4pm  
  Sunday January 4th

Full Moon Drum Circle and Celebration at the Ace Hotel with Scott Meredith and Carl Roessler. This drum circle happens on the Full Moon each month.
  Sunday January 4th

Reiki Healing Circle and Introduction
with Reiki Masters Holly Rae and Gitte Europa
No charge. Donations graciously accepted.
Saturday January 10th

Women's Wisdom Circle 
with Gitte Europa, Holly Rae, Joy Brown Meredith

2nd and 4th Saturday
Saturday January 17
Sunday Janaury 18

Wellness Weekend features free alternative healing and wellness classes and workshops.

Plus sample gifted healers, psychics, and readers.

Love donations (tips) are appreciated.

Complete schedule posted here
  Saturday January 17th

Hands on Wicca with Lord Lugh
1st and 3rd Saturday at 4pm  
  Sunday January 18th

Reiki Healing Circle and Introduction
with Reiki Masters Holly Rae and Gitte Europa
No charge. Donations graciously accepted.
  Friday January 30th

Palm Springs Community Drum Circle
with Scott Meredith
Free  - donations for our Drum Fund are appreciated.       
Saturday January 24th

Women's Wisdom Circle 
with Gitte Europa, Holly Rae, Joy Brown Meredith

2nd and 4th Saturday
Friday January 2 - Sunday January 4
Women's Wisdom Weekend

Women's Wisdom Weekend
Celebrate the divine feminine!
Let's nurture our individual and common growth.

Women's Wisdom Weekend is for all women who are serious about becoming whole and healthy. In a time when the divine feminine is returning, claim your own personal power. Grow into the goddess you are.

We will come together to create a sacred circle, have some tea and discuss and share our experiences and wisdoms in an atmosphere of trust, joy, gratitude and love.

Friday January 2nd 6pm-8 pm
Panel Discussion
What is your vision for 2015?
We will release old things that hold us back first. ...
Then we go into a discussion conversation of how we can grow in 2015 to support ourselves and our community.
What do you want to learn?
What do you want to bring to fruition?
Hear your sis-stars ideas and add your voice. .
Friday night is a free event.

Saturday January 3rd 12pm-7pm
We start the day making a vision board of your plans and wishes for 2015.
At 1:30, Holly will bring out her beads and assist you in making your own bracelet.
At the same time, Gitte will open up the art table so you can make your own mandala.
You will be able to take home the vision board so you can have your year's goal always in front of you, the bracelet comprised of crystals to assist your personal growth and the mandala to focus meditation and healing for yourself.
Around 4 pm we will build a star Web to connect, set and and clarify what we want out of 2015.
After that we will dance. There will be skirts, scarves, and other adornments for you to use to float and bring seal all our intentions with joy and movement.

Sunday January 4th 12pm-4pm
We open up Sunday morning with some gentle stretching to get us ready for some energy healing. Every woman gets to be the recipient of concentrated healing from the rest of the group.
Time allowing we will do a guided meditation.
At 2 pm we will open the circle to the general public and men can join for a Reiki healing circle.

Saturday and Sunday are $85 which includes all material. (Prepaid, $100 at the door)

Facilitators: Gitte Europa and Holly Rae
  Friday January 9th 6pm
Indigo Awareness Group 




Crystal Fantasy has been a destination shopping experience in the heart of downtown Palm Springs California specializing in gifts for conscious living since 1987.

In 2009 we moved, more than quadrupled our size, and added a new Enlightenement Center and Gallery.

Crystal Fantasy offers over 100 monthly calendar listings of readers, events, classes, workshops and more! Come learn about crystals, meditation, alternative healing, chakras, Law of Attraction, mediumship, aromatherapy, more! Plus monthly First Friday Art Walk, Wellness Weekend (3rd weekend featuring free alternative healing and wellness classes and healers) and weekly Spiritual Sampler (free intuitive arts fair featuring readers offering consultations for love donations) booksignings, other charitable events.

Plan a spiritual getaway in beautiful Palm Springs California and come check out Crystal Fantasy and all of our readers, healers, classes and events.

* The Palm Springs International Airport is around 5 minutes from downtown Palm Springs. It is literally walking distance from our store! 
* About 3000 hotel rooms are within walking distance to our store. Boutique hotels, historic hotels, luxury  hotels,  LGBT hotels are available in all price ranges.
* 60 restaurants located within several blocks of our store.
* Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs Follies, Palm Canyon Theatre, Spa Resort Casino,  Annenberg Theater, Palm Springs Historical Sociey, Agua Caliente Cultural Museum,  and more within 2 blocks of our store!

Check out our new 5000 sq ft store and center
268 N. Palm Canyon Drive -  (one door to the north of our 22 year location) - Downtown Palm Springs CA

Readers schedules and classes can be found on our Schedule page.

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Thank you so much for your continued support and well wishes! 

Our beautiful, 5000 sq ft space at 268 N. Palm Canyon Drive is ready to accomodate all the events, classes, etc that you have asked a much larger retail area.

This expansion symbolizes much more that the growth of our business. It symbolizes the comittment of all of us in making this world a better place.

Remember it starts with each of us choosing to be part of the bigger picture... the collective consciousness ...  

We CAN make it happen. We ARE making it happen...together.


We love you!
The Meredith/Crystal Fantasy Family


We feature many unique items in our Palm Springs store such as minerals and crystals from around the world, fairies, mermaids, wizards and dragons, candles, incense, white sage smudge sticks, fantasy art by Amy Brown, David Delamare, Melody Pena,  Josephine Wall, Jessica Galbreth and others, jewelry in silver and 14k gold, books (self help, new age, crystals, world cultures, spirituality), Harmony Kingdom, Buddhist and Hindu treasures, Art work by Snake Jagger, Rik Livingston, Robert Kosslyn, Dirk Yates, Jo Blaine, Bijan Masoumpanah, Ronda MacNeil, David Hardy, Russ Bertlow, Curtiss Waters II, Barbara McVey, Char Sieg, Daniel Ryan, Ric Campbell, and others, plus incredible greeting cards, and so much more!

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do for you. Thank you.