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   Joy Meredith
   Scott Meredith
   Trisha Meredith
   Sara Meredith
   Carlson, Betsy
   Coleman, James
   DeAnn, Lara
   Gibson, Shirley Ann
   Harrington, Patrick

Born of the seventh daughter of the seventh son and a third generation Medium, Patrick Harrington is gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. A product of a Jesuit education, Patrick has performed readings for clients across the USA and Canada for a quarter-century. He has worked with law enforcement in missing persons and homicide cases. Patrick is an experienced jury selection consultant. A former network news reporter, his “nose for news” is legendary. Media credits include: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the television programs Unsolved Mysteries and to Tell the Truth. Patrick is available for private readings, group speaking engagements, and private parties. 
   Mendoza, Mari
   McWilliam, Ann
   Myers, Denise
   Sacks, Donna

For many lifetimes, Donna Sacks has been connected to the higher planes of existence. She has had many lives as a medicine woman and a Shaman. Through her own spiritual development, she has unfolded her powers of intuition and wisdom, and has come to learn that she was a Priestess in the Temple of Isis in Egypt and the Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece.


With Donna’s many gifts she can help you find what your rays of incarnation are, and assist you with finding out what your purpose is on Earth at this present moment.

At this very special time on Earth, Donna comes to assist you with any blocked energy or unanswered questions. As an Akashic record reader, she is able to connect to the source to provide you with information that is needed in this incarnation. By helping connect you with past lives, she can heal by clearing blockages that affect the present day. She can connect you with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side and help connect you with your spirit guides.

   Schreiber, Kae

Kae is a gifted Intuitive Palmist/Medium who has been doing her "Soul" work most recently in the desert for the past three years. Before that, she and her husband lived in San Diego where she had a B&B and worked at a metaphysical bookstore doing her intuitive palmistry/medium readings. She is an experienced reader with many positive results.


She's always had an interest in the unseen world from the time she was five years old and a neighbor told her about fairys. It opened the door of imagination to worlds unknown. She had a mystical experience at 17 that showed her we are all ONE and it changed her life. Raised reading the lives of Saints, she has always felt connected to Spirit even in the darkest of times. Where there is darkness there is light. She has a sincere willingness to help, along with the  amazing ability to read the Energy Patterns of her clients, "seeing" or "hearing" direct messages from Spirit, Angels, Guides, & loved ones to help bring peace and love. She acts as a radio receiver tuning into the client's  frequency.


Her BA in Counseling Psychology created a fascination with understanding herself, other people and the best way to help them. She is a perpetual student of life, learning all the time. She has a minister's license, and metaphysical certificates. It's her desire that the time spent together be mutually beneficial for the highest good of all, both positive and uplifting.




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Featured Healers, Readers, Teachers:


Scott Meredith
Sound Healer, Drum Circle Facilitator

Drums, crystal bowls, Tibetan metal bells, gongs, and more. 
  Patrick Harrington
3rd Generation Psychic medium

Born of the seventh daughter of the seventh son and a third generation Medium, Patrick Harrington is gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. A product of a Jesuit education, Patrick has performed readings for clients across the USA and Canada for a quarter-century. He has worked with law enforcement in missing persons and homicide cases. Patrick is an experienced jury selection consultant. A former network news reporter, his “nose for news” is legendary. Media credits include: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the television programs Unsolved Mysteries and to Tell the Truth. Patrick is available for private readings, group speaking engagements, and private parties.
  Ronda MacNeil
Numerology, Life Path, Animal Spirit Cards

Ronda is very gifted with the understanding of the energies of the numbers.  Like Astrology, Numerology is a 'Spiritual Law' and has been around for over 2500 years.  Ronda uses your birthdate to help you understand what your purpose in life is, what your soul is here to achieve.  The birthday is your Life Purpose number and the name is your Destiny number.  She is knowledgeable to give readings in both areas.  With the name; names change through marriage, adoption, or aka's.  When the name changes the Destiny changes.  We are all given a specific birthday for a specific reason.  With using the birthday, that day never changes, and neither does our Life Purpose.  The numbers have helped many people to find understanding and clarity within them-selves as well as others.  Relationships can be healed through the power of the numbers.  Ronda has worked with families as well as partnerships to heal the wounds of unspoken words or of those spoken with regrets.  Through the numbers, we can find our passions in life, and remove the blocks that hold us back from them. 
Ronda is also very gifted with relaying messages from our Animal Spirit Guides.  We are all blessed with these powerful guides, which are here to help us on our journey as a Spiritual Being experiencing our Human Form.  The animals are here to help us develop our strengths and overcome our weaknesses.  They are messengers and have been for hundreds of years.
Ronda is also a self-taught artist.  She is currently working on her Bachelors of Science Degree in Graphic Arts.  Several pieces of her work is  currently on sale here at Crystal Fantasy.  Her art consists of Spiritual Paintings of oil pastel on wood or paper.  She also has unique Photographs, and Graphic Designs.
  Earl Nissen 
Triple Tarot, Reiki Master
(Bilingual English, Spanish)

Earl Nissen has offered Reiki Treatments with Crystals, Tarot readings, and taught metaphysical classes at Crystal Fantasy since 2009.  Originally from Wisconsin, Earl lives in Desert Hot Springs with his husband and his rescued cats.  Earl is an Usui Reiki Master and a Professional Member of the International Center for Reiki Training.  Earl is also a Certified Angel Card Reader.

(Bilingual - English, French)

Shaktima Brien is a Tarot Reader, Dream Interpreter, teacher, artist and author of “Angelina and Men”, an autobiographical novel; “Paint Life” and “Goddess Journey”, two art books, and “Start your Intuitive, Creative, Spiritual Path”, a guide to self-realization.

Shaktima is also a Spiritual Healer and an Ordained Minister with deep knowledge of Tantra, Zen, Yoga, and Shamanism. Her focus is always on blind spots, as to provide insights and practical advice to break through limitations, and open to new directions. 
Results are quick to happen; expect immediate and positive changes. 

  Theresa Lynch
Tarot Card Reader

 Lady Kypri is a Wiccan High Priestess and Tarot Reader.
She is accepting new students for Group Practice in Eclectic Wicca.     

  Gitte Europa
Crystal and Energy Healer

Europa Gitte is an Evolutionary Midwife, Reiki Master and Crystal Adept. 
Born and raised in Germany, she has been learning about and working with Energy most of her life. Formal education in the healing arts has come from Master teachers since 2010.
Spiritually, her teachers come from all walks of life and touch many areas.
From Native American teachings and knowledge to meditation, sound healing, plain common sense, to mystics teachings, Gitte's life is dedicated to help you achieve your highest potential.
Gitte's unlimited love for life  in combination with her energy work can help you finding your way living life to the fullest of your ability, to free yourself from the bonds of fear
and fully enjoy what you really love, to be who you want to be. To see everything with the eyes of love, compassion and trust is  her goal and ultimate healing work.
Finding love and light in peace, unity, harmony, trust and freedom. To walk in beauty, grace and ease!

Lord Lugh, HP Minoan
(Multilingual - English, French, Spanish)

Lugh has been a Wiccan High Priest with the Minoan Brotherhood for 15 years. He read, designed & taught at the pioneer store Curios & Candles in San Francisco, 
and he studied tantra with the Body Electric school. 

Lugh combines tarot readings with custom designed candle rites, herbal baths, t
alismans, oils & crystal work. 

Originally from Spain (he speaks Spanish, French & English), he just moved to Palm Springswhere he's having a great time wildcrafting herbs, connecting with the land & founding a new Minoan coven.

  Ronald Alexander Ph.DO.

Pioneering psychotherapist Ron Alexander, will share with us ancient Buddhist mindfulness practices, cutting edge ways to think creatively and tools from Positive psychology to show us how we can create a new personal vision that can weather the storms of challenge and upheaval. He will draw from his new book, Wise Mind, Open Mind , to discuss the skills we need to develop "mind," the ability to develop mastery over our thoughts and to transmute our painful emotions. Topics can include: a three-step process for navigating change; understanding the cycle of crisis, loss and transformation; how the combination of mindfulness meditation and creative thinking can build new bridges for positive change; how to let go and leave the past behind; how to achieve more joy, contentment and self-compassion.

Ronald Alexander, Ph.DO. , the director of the Open Training® Institute, practices mindfulness-based mind-body psychotherapy and leadership coaching in Santa Monica, CA, for individuals and corporate clients. He has taught clinical training groups for professionals in Integral Psychotherapy, Erickson mind-body healing therapies, mindfulness meditation, and Buddhist psychology nationally and internationally since 1970.

  Peter Anthony   

I am a spiritualist life coach, motivational speaker and author of several non-fiction inspirational books.  As a television producer on a new series called, Healing Journey, I research highly unusual curative modalities. Having an extensive background in numerology science allows for a greater perspective of complex healing techniques for our show and has allowed me to further research some of the most controversial subject matter. 

My recent involvement with Live Your Life Productions has prompted me to create the screenplay adaptation for my International selling book, Key Master.  Inspired by true events; this amazing story takes you on a roller coaster ride of the unimaginable. Whether it is clear to us or not, there is an undeniable order to our universe. The Key Master book trilogy unfastens a thought provoking world with the intention of allowing the reader to discover a spiritual paradise we all dream of.  From TV, to book festivals, to radio talk shows, to press stories and now a feature film, Key Master will motivate you to go beyond reality.


Arjuna's Tibetan Horn with Vocal Harmonics

Arjuna's unique multi-tone style of playing his Tibetan Horn (Dhune-Chin) is a combination of using circular breathing to create a drone, and then singing harmonic phrases over the drone.

Arjuna has taught and performed harmonic singing for over 12 years in the U.S. and Europe. From his work, he has developed a vocal technique he calls "Harmonic Fuzion."

He has conducted vocal harmonic workshops with members of Huun Huur Tu and has performed with the late legendary blues/throat-singer, Paul Pena.

Arjuna has also worked with film composer George Clinton to record his harmonic sounds for use in films in the U.S. and Europe.

Renee Baribeau

Betsy Carlson
Tarot, Pendulums, Chakra Balancing, Reflexology

With a background in meditation, nutrition and art, Betsy brings unique talents to counseling and the psychic sciences. With the University of the Trees,( a Metaphysical school in the 80's), Betsy learned to do dowsing and chakra healings by using a pendulum. Using a combination of Tarot (30 years), Sacred Geometry, and dowsing she finds this blend is a powerful way to gain access to the unseen world and to receive and share many answers and insights into people's problems. She says, “I feel it is my mission is to mentor younger women and children. Having taught school for 8 years has given me a special rapport with kids. I feel that guidance in the early years can make such a huge difference.” Betsy also has special God-given talents in knowledge of past lives, and has a helpful guide who sometimes assists in giving messages from those who have passed on.

Lauri Cloud

Lauri Cloud is a Certified Spiritual Healer and a 4th Dimension Intuitive Life Coach.  She travels around the world offering retreats, seminars, classes, workshops and private sessions that assist in moving this entire planet into WorldWideHarmony by 12-21-2012.  Her approach is soft, loving and nurturing and her guidance comes from Spirit.  Assisting you in knowing your highest potential is her greatest pleasure.


James Coleman
Master Astrologer

James Coleman has become one of America's best known astrologers. He is the author of the textbook, Astrology Unchained, as well as being published in Astrology magazines for beginners and professionals alike. His most recent article "The Mountain Astrologer" magazine, June-July 2005 introduced House-Based Astrology, as feature in the latest Kepler software. 

James practiced from the L.A. area for over 15 years, where he was regularly featured on KFOX-FM and KIEV-AM radio. Most recently, James had two features spots on Psychic and Spirit Radio originating from Palm Desert, California.  He has taught scores of students in many of Southern California's best known spiritual centers as well as in Atlanta. He has lectured at the Whole Life Expo, both Astrology Southwest Conferences, Seattle's Northwest Astrology Conferences (NORWAC) and was a speaker at the international United Astrology Congress (UAC) Conference 1995, 1998, 2002 and he is already slated for the next one in 2008. He is a member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), and a charter member of ISAR's Professional Astrology Speaker's Bureau.


James' created "Equilibrium Astrology", based on the simple principles of geometry and duality, rather than history and mythology. He also created "Equilibrium Training", a customized therapy using astrology and other techniques to help individuals master themselves and their circumstances. His commitment to simplicity has become his hallmark.

Frederic Delarue

Frederic Delarue had his life changed at the age of 12 during a Near Death Experience when he received  the gift of creating music on the spot to help anyone feel reconnected with their true Self and therefore, feel very well.

Frederic moved to the USA at the end of 1999 to live his dreams. He is a motivational and inspirational speaker about Near Death Experience and people in a coma, the 11:11 phenomenon, and gives live demonstrations of his main gift, the Music of Your Soul. Frederic can create a CD just for you that can be described as the blueprint of your soul.

Lisa Ensign
Angelic Intuitive, Pranic Healer
Shirley Ann Gibson
Psychic Tarot - Shustah Cards

Shirley's spiritual journey began in early childhood. She was able to see angels and guides and could communicate with them. She knew of events before they wpould happen. Once she told her mother that a neighbor was going to die and he passed within a week. Since then she has developed many of her gifts including Shustah Cards, healing, energy balancing, spiritual reading, past life regression, mediumship, dream interpretation.
  Dr. Chuck Greenwood

Dr. Chuck brings an intuitive healing energy to his work. His approach is holistic, interacting with an awareness that addresses body, mind and spirit at multiple levels. He will tell you he accomplishes this by "doing nothing," but many can personally testify that after an hour with Dr. Chuck, their perspectives have shifted, and something wonderful has taken place.          

  Dr Robert Haberkorn


Holly Hawkins
Reconnective Kids



 Goldie Jacoby

Palm Springs resident Goldie Jacoby, one of the youngest Holocaust survivors speaks about her new book and read excerpts. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Tolerance Education Center in Rancho Mirage.

Jacoby was born in Poland in 1937. She and her family hid from the Nazis in a barn for more than two years. Her husband, George, is also a Holocaust survivor. His entire family died and he spent time in numerous concentration camps, including Auschwitz. In her book, Jacoby tells the gripping story of survival.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacoby spend much of their time speaking to students in the Coachella Valley about their experiences in the Holocaust. They hope that by telling their stories, they will teach tolerance, and change attitudes about racism and prejudice. The couple also volunteers at The Tolerance Education Center.

Goerge and Goldie Jacoby are available for interviews, upon request.



Kalidas will be playing chants from his new album "Crest Jewel of Devotion", a selection of songs rooted in the Bhakti tradition of India. Kalidas has played kirtan music all over the Southwest. He was born in India where he lived in a small village for the first five years of his life. After coming to the United States and graduating from Vanderbilt University with a B.A., he felt a longing for a more simple Dharmic life. He revisited India, moved to the Southwest and began studying Eastern mysticism in spiritual communities, mainly Hindu and Buddhist. The next twelve years of
volunteering in community helped him reconnect with the basic principles of Sanatan Dharma and recreate a sense of balance that he had lost. Based on his own life experiences, Kalidas feels that if we learn to curb our attachment to modern technology and return to the simple laws of Mother nature, we will be able to live more fulfilling lives. In addition, Kalidas is using his music to promote peaceful alternatives to war and violence. All profits go to non-profit ventures. 


Lyse LeBeau

Lyse LeBeau has been leading transformation workshops since 1983 and is the founder of the Open Heart I and II Leadership Program, Who am I, Create a Vision of the Future, Stress Managing, Personal Success, Conscious Couples, etc.

Trained as a rebirther by "The LRT International" in New York and has attended and assisted many seminars in Denver (Colorado) and in California

Jamie Lynn

My name is Jamie Lynn. I am an intuitive Guardian Angel reader. I have always been in touch with my spiritual gifts, after a near death experience years ago my spiritual journey became more intense! I became involved with Theta Healing and as I released old programs and patterns my connection to Spirit was fine-tuned. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night talking with Spirits who wanted me to deliver messages to their loved ones and seeing the faces of Angels. I work with the Divine and connect with each clients personal Angel / Angels. It is amazing to put a person in contact with their angels, know them by name and know their purpose. I am happy to share with you the beautiful messages of love and light your Guardian Angels have for you.       




Duart Maclean

Duart was initiated into Transcendental Meditation in 1971 and became a certified teacher of the T.M. technique in 1974, which he has taught in Victoria, B.C. and Montreal. For five years he was national manager for Canada of The Hunger Project, a global movement dedicated to ending hunger and starvation on the planet.

He has organized numerous conferences and workshops on Ayurvedic medicine, inviting well-known leaders in the field, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of the best-selling, Quantum Healing and Perfect Health. He is also a professional Rebirther and Rebirthing Trainer, and occasionally co-leads a 30 hour seminar, Open Heart: Expansion in Relationships as well as programs in Leadership with his partner, Lyse LeBeau.

Duart has studied and taught the philosophy and practice of Yoga Vedanta for the past 30 years. He has developed a one-day workshop entitled, Deep Healing: Self-enquiry, Yoga and Transcendence which he leads regularly with Lyse. He also gives conferences on Self-enquiry and leads week-end retreats called, Rediscover the Adventure of Living.     


Steven Morrison

Steven Morrison is a former psychotherapist who believes we are more in need of healing than psychology. He has been counseling people interested in spiritual growth and development for over 15 years and created and launched the Spiritual Workout in September, 2006.

Steven's primary interest is the uplevelment of humanity and the quantum leap in consciousness we are taking. He knows that when an individual chooses to raise consciousness, his/her effort fuels the leap for all of us and he is eager to work with anyone interested in living a more spiritually responsible life.


Richard Noble

Richard Noble started meditating over 20 years ago. "My primary purpose is to bring enlightenment to everyone. And when I mean Enlightenment....with this meditation, you could say In-Lightenment." His three pilgrimages to holy temples throughout Inida has brought his relationship with God to a very intimate level. He's a designer and manufacturer of silk/wool meditation carpets that insulate the yogi from the earth's influential currents. A student of Sai Baba, Yogananda, Bill Wislon and Dr. Bob, he's learned and practiced the meditation on light and honest self-evaluation. It's become first nature. He helps motivate and develope safe spaces for others so they may be honestly supported in this exploration we call life. He is currently working on a book of his memoirs with the Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


Since 1982 Raven has spoken to many groups young and old, including the Braille Institute, Los Angeles Teachers Association, Religious Talk UCLA, and performed ceremonies at the Summer Solstice Worldwide Earth Day event, and has offered spiritual empowerment to corporate groups as well. Raven is an ordained Minister who is asked to perform wedding ceremonies, blessings, and other special occasions

Rev. Fabby Ray
Crystal Healer, Psychic Tarot, Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healer
(Bilingual English, Spanish)

“As a little girl the Creator showed me that I was to be of service and assist others by giving them the tools to heal.”

Fabby's gifts range from a keen intuitive incite to an innate ability to utilize crystals in combination with Spirit to heal energy blockages and restore chakra balance. Using these gifts in tandem allows her clients a unique window into the nature of any blockages or dis-ease. As part of your healing session, Fabby will also recommend simple, yet specific instructions that can be used at home to continue the healing process after your session has ended.

Fabby's studies have included the ancient art of Colombian Healing
Lights, Light Language wherein Sacred Geometry is utilized to re-direct each individual to their original life purpose. If you feel you have gotten "off track" or you want to become closer to fulfilling your life purpose, Sacred Geometry gridding may be perfect for you. Fabby can also obtain information from your guides to help you answer your questions regarding career, finance and relationships.

No matter which modality is used, Fabby's warm, sensitive, and intuitive heart will assist and guide you to a more fulfilling, purposeful life.     


Carl Roessler
Sound Healing, Musician



Rosemary The Celtic Lady

International Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive, Author, Minister, Motivational Speaker & an Ambassador For Peace. She is originally from Glasgow Scotland, now residing in California.

Rosemary is Founder of the American, Canadian & UK Associations of Healers & Psychics. She has appeared on many TV and Radio shows, throughout the USA & Canada.

Rosemary brings to you her gift of communication with the Spirit world.
Author of the book “Miracles From The Light

Her mission in life is to teach others to live from the heart, heal
themselves from all illnesses, also teach them how to communicate with
their loved ones themselves. Rosemary has people from all over the world
who contact her to learn more about her techniques that she teaches. She
is a Reiki Master and also teaches BEYOND REIKI AMAHT. .”Ascended Masters Healing Techniques” Which she was taught by her guide Joshua. Rosemary has moved Cancer out of her body twice without chemo or radiation therapy!

It is her mission to bring together credible & ethical healers and mediums, astrologer’s numerologists etc from all over the USA & Canada and UK, into her global organization.


Warren Sacks
Spiritual Counselor

Warren Sacks is a life long seeker of wisdom,a student of ancient and modern philosophies and disciplines. He has studied the masters and has developed his innate abilities as a healer. He is a certified Theta Healing practitioner as well as a Quantum Touch Healer. He is a credentialed Hypnotist and has trained in several other modalities. Warren has been able to synthesize these methods in a most effective way. He is also able and happy to answer questions concerning the nature of reality and the art of Meditation


Kae Schreiber
Intuitive Palmist
Kae is a licensed Intuitive/Palmist/Medium/Teacher/
Author who believes in the ideal of serving our fellow man. She likes to help people and has a unique way of accessing Spirit. Her approach must be tried to be understood (she asks Spirit a lot of questions and gets answers). Her style is an informal "Chat" that is friendly, positive, uplifting, clear, concise, practical, and always for the highest good of her clients.

She has been a palmist for over 30 years and talks to the "other side" frequently. She has a BA in Counseling Psychology along with certificates for classes from the Alexandra Institute in San Diego. 


Paula Stinson
Destiny Cards


Lanny Swerdlow


Jeff Skorman
Chopra Center teacher

Jeff Skorman is originally from Cleveland, grew up in Los Angeles, and currently lives in Palm Springs. He graduated from Chapman University with a B.A. in Social Sciences and a second degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling. Jeff is a Certified Dual Diagnosis Counselor, a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor and a member of the California Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors. In 2006 he was certified as a Perfect HealthInstructor from the Chopra Center for Well Being Carlsbad, California. He became a certified as a Primordial Sound Practioner Instructor in 2007 and as an Ayurvedic Lifestyles Instructor in 2008. He was certified in Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instruction in 2009. Jeff has worked as a counselor in the Addictions and Mental Health field for 17 years. He currently teaches Perfect Health, Primordial Sound Meditation, and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga to individuals and groups alike with a special skill in aiding those recovering from addictions, and psychological and physical problems. He conducts weekly meditation, Perfect Health, and yoga classes at a women's drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in addition to monthly workshops for cancer patients and their families.




Donna Sacks
Brian Kamalie Vatcher
Hawaiian Spirituality

Kahu Brian Vatcher has been offering workshops on Lomilomi and Hawaiian practices under the Kapuaokalani Halau for nearly 10 years. He says, "The Hawaiian traditions are for people of all ages and faiths.
They are universal and practical for every day living. Not only to heal yourself, but also practices that heal the community and the world."

His massage and body work training started at the Touch Therapy Institute in Los Angeles. He met Kumu Karen Carroll and moved to Hawaii to study with her for three years on the islands. After living and training on O'ahu, Brian was asked to be ordained as a "kahu" under the Native Hawaiian Practices Act to allow him permission to share the sacred spirit of Hawaii, lomilomi and healing with shells. His training also allows him to perform weddings, blessings/energy clearings for homes and offices, funerals and other sacred rights. He is a licensed instructor and practitioner.


White Buffalo Stands

White Buffalo Stands is a full blood Northern Cheyenne tribal

member, he’s a hereditary chief and 7th generation drum keeper; he comes from a long line of medicine people and singers, the keepers of the sacred healing songs for his tribe.

Burton Fisher Jr.
is his common name.

White Buffalo Stands is a Sud'da fasting priest, earning his “paints” through ceremony.

He is available for group and individual



Michael Walton

Michael Walton is a Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Reiki, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy using the MRS2000+ Designo system. Magnetic Resonance Stimulation was first developed for the astronauts in the space program in the 1960s and introduces a safe, concentrated delivery of magnetic stimulation to the human body similar to the earth's magnetic energy and helps the body to correct the negative health effects caused by electro-smog (electromagnetic field pollution caused by radio waves, WiFi waves, fluorescent lighting, etc). This technology helps to create more efficient cellular oxygenation and detoxification, leaving you simultaneously relaxed and energized in just 8 minutes. Also used for analgesic purposes, the pain relieving properties it provides is free of side effects. Also available in this session is the Sound & Light Relaxation System (SLRS) which has been used to increase relaxation, sleep, meditation, improved concentration, learning ability and memory through optical and audible signals.              

Yogi Ramesh

Yogi Ramesh is a born Yogi from India.He started practing yoga at the age of 5 with his Guru Paramanda Maharaj in the Himalaya mountains. Yogi belongs to a spritiual family in Lucknow (U.P.} India. He came to the USA in 1984. He has been practicing an ancient science of spritiual yoga for the last 55 yrs. He has been teaching students the yoga of divine love,joy and peace for self realization.
Yoga is a joy of the soul, Breathe, love and Laugh and be happy always. Life is bliss, enjoy it now.

He has done lot of research work to find inner bliss.
He is the founder of Universal Temple of yoga and inner peace in Paramount, California, 1997. He has appeared on countless television shows. He has started Laughing yoga show for the last 15 years. in Los Angeles. He is an international celebrity Guru to the stars. He has taught many doctors and patients in the hospitals. He is now a world famous Laughing Yogi.

Yogi’s goal is to create a stress and disease free world by practicing the spiritual science of yoga for a new healthy and happy life. He is also running a Laughing club in Downey, Paramount and Palm Springs.

Energizing your breath is energizing your soul. Yoga means union with your consciousness, so come enjoy the journey of enlightenment. Be happy, relaxed and enjoy!